What is Fascial work?

Fascial work is a technique which is used to assist with a variety of soft tissue or structural issues.  The fascia is a thin tissue which covers all the structures in the body (muscles, individual muscle fibres and organs) and which creates a supportive "web" throughout the body.  

The body reacts to abnormal or unusual circumstances in it's own unique way.  We all know what the "startle response" feels like when we jump or tense due to a loud or unexpected noise.  If versions of "startle responses" are repeated (whether due to an emotional or physical trigger) the body starts to adjust and can take on a protective mechanism which it believes is the best way of dealing with the situation.  Pain and stiffness can come from this protective mechanism and are not necessarily indicative of damage or actual harm.

By encouraging the fascia to let these patterns go it can start to positively effect the nervous system by providing graded exposure to change.  It is like giving the tissue different options. Reminding it that although the way it is held just now feels like "normal" perhaps we can try a new, more relaxed, way of being.

The process is not massage but involves various techniques and can include either a light stretch, traction or compression which is applied to the area required and, once the tissue begins to relax, the stretch or movement  is maintained until the area has been changed. 

Very often I will use fascial techniques within a massage treatment simply because that will be the most effective way of dealing with a particular issue.  However, should you be interested in exploring this method at a deeper level, I can also carry out treatments which work purely with fascial techniques.