Pelvic Health

A significant percentage of the population have issues with their pelvic floor irrespective of age or gender.  This can manifest as bladder incontinence (urge or stress), bowel incontinence and organ prolapse for female bodies.  However, due to embarrassment, they remain mainly silent and, given the push to selling incontinence aids, they begin to believe that there is an inevitability to having some form of leakage.  Over time lives can be severely impacted due to concerns over exercise, work, travel and even just going out of the house.

This does not need to be the case and pelvic floor exercises can and will help along with coping mechanisms for day to day living and exercise.

Some of the factors affecting pelvic floor muscle dysfunction or reaction are :


Pelvic floor muscles which are too lax or too tight

Lifestyle – standing or sitting all day




Surgery – including hysterectomy

Poor breathing techniques



Childbirth, etc etc, etc

I can take you through several useful exercises to begin your journey to improved pelvic floor health but for more information and a complete exercise programme please visit