What is Lipoedema?

This is another medical condition which, although has very similar properties to lymphoedema, is actually a disease of the adipose (fat) tissues.  It almost exclusively affects women only.  It is characterised by disproportionately heavy hips, thighs and legs which, in later stages of the disease, stops at the ankle (like a cuff) leaving the feet unaffected.   It is often a genetic condition and the legs can be cold, bruise easily, tender to touch and feel very heavy and painful.  Sadly, it is a misunderstood disease with people being diagnosed as obese or with lymphoedema and, as the condition can start at puberty, there can be a lot of stigma and shame for children who are repeatedly told that there are "just fat" and "need to exercise more".

There can be a lymphoedema component with the condition (giving lipolymphoedema) as the pressure from the fat cells damages delicate lymphatic vessels allowing lymph to leak into the surrounding connective tissue.

I have got masses of information which I can give you so, if this sounds familiar, please get in touch and we can have a chat and/or assessment and I can hopefully give you some assistance towards getting a proper diagnosis for the condition along with lots of self-help ideas and resources to follow up.